Coaching Packages

The number of sessions you have depends on how much work is required.  If you want to tackle something specifically e.g. public speaking nerves (or something similar), I would suggest Package A.  However, if you need to build a career or business strategy, I would suggest Package B.  Many of our clients continue to work with us long-term and we offer tailored packages to meet their needs as they progress through their goals.  Any resources supplied are included in the cost of our sessions.  Each package requires progress work between sessions.

  • Package A (4 Sessions): £320
  • Package B (8 sessions): £600
  • Individual sessions: £90

Available with telephone, face to face and Skype/Zoom sessions

Payment is by bank transfer or cheque

Workshops for Businesses

  • ‘How to Sparkle’ for customer facing employees.
  • Building effective teams
  • Assertiveness Skills Training
  • Presentation Skills – Achieving Performance and Confidence
  • Resilience Building Workshops
  • Managing Change Positively

Prices on application

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